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The following are examples for a permit being installed on a property located in Marion County. Properties located within the city limits of Ocala, Belleview, and Dunnellon will have their own permit forms, but the information filled out will be the same. Setbacks could vary within the city limits. Please contact your local building department for accurate information on setbacks.

Permit Form Example

Example of a site plan. Does not need to be to scale. Can use a copy of your survey. Most important information is where the shed will be located and the distance from the property lines and house.

Portable buildings require a building permit in most cases. Information regarding the permit process for Marion County can be found by copying and pasting the following link: There are extra pages in the packet that are not necessary, please refer to the example above for relevant information.

Parcel account numbers and lot information can be found here:

Standard setbacks for residential properties are 8' from back and side property lines. There must be at least 15' of setback if the property is a corner lot.

Standard setbacks for agriculture properties are 25' from the property line.

You do not need the product approval sheet as our buildings are approved by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

Any questions about setbacks will need to be addressed by the zoning department at your local building department.

Please be aware that under the state statute 553.842 dbpr approved portable buildings may be installed and delivered without the need of a contractor or specialty license. Because of this, we are not able to pull the permit for you as we are not building contractors and Marion County does not have any type of specialty license for prefab building installers. You will be pulling an "owner/builder" permit and this information will go on the application as "contractor".

The prints that are necessary for the building permit are available as a pdf file. Please send an email to and these will be sent to you upon verification of purchase from Jack's Shacks, Inc.  

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