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Steel Structures built on site to Florida Code

Why buy a steel building from Jack's Shacks?

Over the many years that we have been in business, we have dealt with a few carport companies. All of them have proven to be difficult to deal with. When you deal with a "big box" company, you do not get the personal service that you get when you go local. The company we use IS local, has over 50+ combined years of knowledge in the steel building business.

The typical steel building is built on a square 2.25" tubular frame. While this is adequate, we use a high durability steel frame that is a rectangular 2×3 cold formed steel which adds rigidity and enhances structural performance. Unlike other companies, we have a 360 degree weld on the bottom rail and trusses, are highly corrosion resistant and have a triple coated exterior and a coated interior. They come standard with a ridge cap system and custom designed boxed eve.

We guarantee that your steel building experience will be stress free because our buildings have:

  • The most competitive lead time in the industry

  • Truly Exceptional Customer Service

  • After purchase support

  • Expertise in zoning requirements by county

  • Local manufacturing facility that services only Florida

  • Exceptional Engineering

  • Engineered to meet Florida building code requirements

  • Engineered 140 MPH wind load with 150 MPH wind load available

  • Customized Engineering available

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